1. TBD

Teaching Assistant

  1. IST 800 Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology, Doctoral-level. Syracuse University, Spring 2018
  2. IST 649 Human Interaction w/Computers, Master-level. Syracuse University, Fall 2017
  3. IST 719 Information Visualization, Master-level. Syracuse University, Spring 2016
  4. IST 687 Applied Data Science, Master-level. Syracuse University, Fall 2015

Student Mentorship:

  1. Smirity Kaushik, Master student in Information Management, Syracuse University (currently a Privacy Analyst at Earnest & Young)
  2. Charlotte Emily Price, Master student in Library Science, Syracuse University
  3. Justin Reed Basdeo, Undergraduate student in Industrial Design, Syracuse University
  4. Oriana Rosata Mcdonough, Undergraduate student in Informatics, Syracuse University
  5. Jordan Hayes, Independent researcher, Syracuse University
  6. Casey Sawyer, Undergraduate summer intern, University of the Pacific
  7. Dylan Wiki Rogers, Undergraduate summer intern, Bucknell University
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